Woodbury Common

View of the Estuary from Woodbury Castle

Woodbury Common is the site of Woodbury Castle, which was an important Iron Age hill fort. It  guarded the Exe estuary. It is the highest point on the common. It was occupied between 500 and 300 BC and was a fortified settlement which was a place of safety for people in the area. The remains of the earthwork ramparts are almost half a mile in circumference. There are some beautiful views and on a clear sunny day the Exe estuary is in clear view. The fort gave its name to the nearby village of Woodbury.

Woodbury Castle

Woodbury Common is popular with walkers, horsemen, motorists and picnickers. During the last war Dalditch common became a training centre for the Royal Marines and the common is still used today for their training. The commons are surrounded by Woodbury, Lympstone, Shortwood Dalditch, East Budleigh, Bicton and Colaton Raleigh Commons.

John Woodbury

This is John Woodbury who came to visit me from Canada on 13th February 2003.It came about when his Aunt, known as mom Woody found my site and e-mailed me to tell me her story. It seems they are direct descendants of William Woodbury who was born in England in the late 1500's and went to the States with his brother John in 1628.They were descendants of a family who lived in Woodbury Castle quite a few centuries ago. John and his friends had come to England and had some time to spare and Mom Woody e-mailed me to ask if I might find some time to show John where his ancestors had come from. I was delighted to do so. I had tried to find out about the Woodbury family, but not being a historian did not know where to start. I did search the Churchyard for any signs of the family but was unable too. Sadly I had no time to find anything out. I there is anyone who reads this site and knows any information, Please email me. There are said to be 40 to 50 thousand descendants in the US and Canada.

      This is The Landlord of The White Hart in Woodbury. John and his friends took me there for a pot of tea after we had gone to Woodbury Castle. The Inn is a lovely place to drink and they also do food which I understand to be very good. They also have a very pretty beer garden where in the summer it is a very pleasant place to be. It is situated right opposite Woodbury's very pretty village church, where Johns family crest can be found. The name Woodbury is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 300 BC but the spelling is a little different. Mom Woody says the researchers have confirmed it as so.

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