Special Events

Exmouth's Remembrance Day

Photos taken by Beryl R Ladd




The Royal Visit

Well what an exciting day for Exmouth. On Thursday 4th October Prince Charles landed by helicopter on the cliffs at Orcombe Point. I decided to go early to make sure of a front seat view and arrived at 10am.What a plonker I felt, I was the first one to get there. It was a glorious day and I took my constant companion with me, my dog Tammy. I also took my chair and my other constant companion, my digital camera. I thought it was going to be a long day as the Prince was not arriving until about 3-15pm but I was wrong. The council workers were there putting the finishing touches to the geoneedle and the marquee. Oh I forgot to tell you why he was there LOL.

Devon and Dorset county councils have been working hard to get our coastline recognition as a World Heritage site and now it has been recognised as such. It has been ranked alongside the likes of the Great Barrier Reef and  represents 185 million years of the earths history. Our wonderful town of Exmouth is the entrance to this wonderful coastline which represents a major stage of the earths history. The coastline is from Orcombe Point to Swanage and there was an exhibition of stones found along the 95 mile stretch of coast for the Prince to look at.

When the Prince arrived he shook hands with many local people along the path to the marquee where he met various officials including our Mayoress of Exmouth Mrs Pat Graham, who is a former teacher and  at one time lived in the same road as myself in Littleham. After he unveiled the plaque he went on to make his speech and told us he loved this coastline and had many happy memories of it from when he was in the navy. Then he turned and started back on his journey to the helicopter. Much to the disappointment of the  early birds who had been waiting at the barriers.   He was running late so obviously didn't have time to have another walkabout. I abandoned my chair and went to the pathway. He was shaking hands with someone quite near and then went to walk past me. To my delight a lady who had kept me company all morning called out "Your Highness this lady (me) has been here since 10 this morning" and to my delight he took me by the hand and shook it warmly. He said" That was rash of you, I am rather worried about you". What an honour.

Well enough of my waffling please take a look at my Photo Gallery. I apologise for the quality as my camera is not expensive . I have no zoom lens and also the sun was in the wrong place so some of it was badly silhouetted. I had to play about with contrast in Paintshop Pro but I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my day.